Commercial EPC Leicester

Do you own a commercial building in Leicester? If so, you may be required to have an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) for public buildings. Energy certificates are used by the government to determine your building’s energy efficiency and whether or not it meets certain standards.

Not only will this help save money on your utility bills, but it can also make your business more attractive to potential customers who are environmentally conscious.

We’re here to provide you with all of the information that you need about obtaining an EPC in Leicester and what benefits they can bring. Our team has years of experience working with clients just like yourself and we’re confident that we can provide everything that you need when it comes time for us to work together on this project!

Commercial EPC Leicester

Addressing Commercial Energy Efficiency Requirements

A commercial EPC in Leicester is required in the event that a property is rented, built or sold to a prospective buyer or tenant. This is important to determine the minimum energy efficiency standards (MEES). Some of the metrics which will be covered in an energy assessment include:

  • The type of insulation found throughout the structure.
  • The energy efficiency of boilers and hot water tanks.
  • The presence of double-glazed windows and similar energy-saving amenities.
  • Potential areas that might need to be improved in order to obtain a more favourable rating.

Once the EPC survey itself is carried out, the customer will be provided with an energy efficiency rating. This rating is graded from A (excellent) to G (extremely poor). The examination and grade will also take into account the carbon dioxide emissions associated with a specific commercial property. Immediately after the energy performance certificate has been obtained, it will remain valid for a period of no more than ten years. Please note that landlords are now required to be supplied with commercial energy performance certificates before they are allowed to rent out a commercial building.

Providing Leicester with Commercial Energy Performance Certificates and More

While we are pleased to offer commercial and domestic examinations in any area of Leicester. Our LE postcode service extends beyond Westcotes, Thurmaston Glenfield & Anstey areas. Our team consists of highly accredited energy assessors and these surveys will provide property owners with the clarity needed to make important decisions when the time is right. Please contact us if you would like to schedule a consultation or should you have additional questions. A customer service representative will always be happy to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Check if My Property Has an EPC?

The national EPC register is free to search and this will determine whether or not your current
property has an Energy Performance Certificate.

Is an EPC a Legal Requirement?

An EPC is now a legal requirement whenever a building is sold, rented or constructed. Failure to
obtain this certificate could result in a hefty fine.

What is the Minimum EPC Rating For a Commercial Property?

The Minimum Energy Efficient Standard (MEES) for a commercial property is currently an “E”

How Much Does a Commercial EPC Cost?

The answer to this question will depend upon the size of the location (in square metres). This is why
it is a good idea to contact A&C surveys in order to obtain a no-obligation quotation.

How Long Will an EPC Remain Valid?

An Energy Performance Certificate will remain valid for ten years from the date when it was issued by an energy assessor.
It will thereafter have to be renewed.

Is an EPC Required When Renewing a Lease?

For non-domestic (commercial) properties, an EPC will be needed when a lease is renewed.
However, a landlord will not be required to obtain a new EPC if he or she is renewing the lease of
an existing tenant. This is only necessary if the property will be remarketed or major modifications
are soon to occur.

Are There Penalties for Failing to Obtain an EPC?

Failing to obtain an Energy Performance Certificate when one is legally necessary can result in
fines ranging between £500 and £5,000 pounds (12.5 per cent of the rateable value of the property).
So, it is clear to see that obtaining an EPC is the best way to avoid unnecessary problems.

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