Commercial EPCs in Coventry

Coventry is a city in the West Midlands.

Surrounding towns are Leicester, Birmingham and Warwick.  Coventry’s population is about 325,000 souls.

It is well served by rail and road being just south of the M6 and within easy reach of the M1 and M5 via the M42.

Industries include automotive, machine tool manufacture aerospace and telecoms.

A & C Energy Surveys Ltd carry out Commercial (Non-Domestic) EPC surveys in the area.

Commercial EPCs require the assessor to be more technically qualified than for Domestic EPCs.  Much more detail is required.

An EPC offers real benefits.

An EPC shows you how to increase energy efficiency for least cost.  A Non-Commercial EPC is not just a record of the buildings current rating but comes with a list of recommendations.  Recommendations are rated by payback time, short, medium and long to enable the land lord to make informed choices.

Cost is considered particularly important now with the start of Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES).

MEES came into effect April 1st 2018 as part of the governments commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.  With 40% of UK energy being utilised to heat buildings it is an obvious target.  Now, that is since last April, it is illegal to let out a building with an energy ration of less than an E.  In other words, buildings with an energy rating of F and G have to be upgraded.

Mid tenancy there is no legal requirement for an EPC to be done.  The trigger point is when a new lease is required or when a lease is extended / amended.  However there are, nevertheless, good reasons for carrying out the survey:

  • Businesses need to forward plan.
  • Businesses need to know their future liabilities.
  • If it is at all likely that you need a loan then the bank will want to know the buildings rating so they can be aware of their future liabilities.

It is very often the banks who request the EPC in the first place.

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